In 2010, I was five months pregnant with Joseph and Chris asked for “golf stuff” for Christmas. I remember thinking, “Huh?! When are you going to have time to play golf?” This weekend, we finally made it to Interbay, just down the hill. In the intervening years, the golf course and clubs have gotten a lot smaller, but Chris’ golfing companions have gotten a lot cuter. Joseph completed all 18 holes, and Paul loved his new WALKING skills.

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15 months

Fifteen-month checkup: Paul is in the 93rd percentile for height, 52nd for weight. He’s a voracious eater, though, and will bang on his high chair when he wants food. The appetite gene he got from me, but I can’t take credit for his long and lean physique.

Paul gives his beauty pageant wave anytime he catches his reflection: in a mirror, on a car window, teeny-tiny upside-down on a spoon. He’s Joseph’s little shadow, and the two of them will scribble in their notebooks or look for airplanes together. So naturally, Paul’s first word is “guh guh!” (哥哥, or big brother)



As part of a special event, kids got to kayak around in the pond at the science center. Joseph loved it so much we went to rent a pedal boat at Green Lake. Joseph wanted to know if he was going to fall in, and if there would be someone pushing the boat. Ha!

21 3And, Green Lake. Not the greatest picture, but there was only so much I could do without falling into the water. The pedal boat was a very reasonable $20/hour, and only 10 minutes away. It was very stable, so no one got seasick. I can’t believe we’ve never done it before. So fun!

4 Not bad, Seattle. Not bad.

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After boating and re-fueling (snacks!), Joseph and I went to dip our toes in the water along the beach. I saw a mom wading in the shallow water with her two little ones. She turned to help the bigger boy, and the little brother toddling along lost his footing and face-planted into the water. He floundered, his face in the water, couldn’t get back up. It seemed like a very long time. The mom grabbed the little boy, and he started crying. Very scary.

Enjoy summer, and be safe.


Last week for picking blueberries at Mercer Slough! With my two excellent helpers, we checked out with a whopping 60 cents worth of berries. Probably several times that in their bellies, though.

a b c That 16-pound pail was the only size they had. Just a little ambitious.
d e f g h i j Startled this guy in the ditch between sections.



Paul gets so excited every time he spots an airplane in the sky. I don’t know if he understood these big machines are the same as those flying specks he loves, but he had a great time climbing around at The Museum of Flight.

There’s a new Boeing-sponsored program that gives kids 5-18 free unlimited admission to The Museum of Flight plus one adult. So Joseph saved me $37! Enrollment in the Connections program is suspended, but maybe they will open it up again soon.
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Paul was just an immobile five-month-old our last visit to The Museum of Flight.

Taking the bus

At summer camp, all the kids painted pictures of what they wanted to be when they grew up. There was a police officer, a doctor (not Joseph’s, sadly), an artist, a ninja and a couple of firefighters. Joseph? Bus driver. He loves taking the bus, and had been so looking forward to this bus adventure with Chris.


Seattle Center is an easy 10-minute ride away. We usually head straight for the Science Center, but this time we stopped at the little park outside, where we found the Anne Frank tree and Paul practiced walking.

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Sushi night

First time out to dinner in years. I really can’t remember the last time — it might have been 2011. Good thing my dates are cute, because they have disgusting table manners.


First haircut

Chop chop! No more party in the back, because Paul was tugging on his hair, and plus, this heat wave. I am having serious regrets, though. Paul had the cutest bed head, and those long locks were so, so soft. Most of all, I miss my baby. He looks like a little boy now!

Joseph’s first haircut here. (Way less dramatic.)