Holidays at Swanson’s

‘Tis the season for visiting Swanson’s! The Ballard nursery puts on the best free holiday fun every single year.

s1Almost as good as going to a real Christmas tree farm. Except there’s a greenhouse roof shielding us from the rain, and no muddy fields to slog through.

s2Sometimes the anticipation is better than a picture of the actual model train.

s3Sneaking a ride on the big man’s sleigh.

Happy election day!

I voted for the first time when I was 25. Not out of laziness, but because I’d just gotten my citizenship four months earlier. Casting that initial ballot felt incredible. My boys are 5 and 1, too little to understand this Clinton v. Trump business. But just by being born here (specifically, Swedish Ballard), they will get to choose their president when they turn 18. Voting is a gift. I hope my kids will never take it for granted.

More parents’ thoughts on this election day here.

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Jaguar Jog

The kindergarteners did such a great job at the Jaguar Jog! I woke up the baby early to go catch Joseph’s class in action. Such a fun event, and absolutely perfect weather. Joseph claimed he did 100 laps, which is probably what it felt like to him. Phew.

jj1 jj2 jj3 jj4 jj5 jj6

Halloween at co-op

Paul’s class celebrated Halloween on Friday, with all the kids in costume and a mini pumpkin patch on the front lawn. Teacher Amy dressed up as the Cat in the Hat, a perfect match for Paul.

3701_lo 3703_lo 3704_loAlso, the new fall bulletin board. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I could do with a crying baby in one arm and a staple gun in the other. Quite a workout!