The key to potty-training success is to stock up on diapers. Because as soon as you spend all that money, you won’t need them anymore. Second time it’s worked here.


Pike Place

Played hooky from preschool to be tourists in our hometown. We went to see the new section of Pike Place Market, which had great views but the traffic on 99 was very loud. First visit to Pike Place for this Seattle-native baby.

PikePlace1 PikePlace2 Eww, gum wall. They power-washed off all the gum not even two years ago, and it’s already back.

PikePlace3Paul ran up and down the gentle slope about 50 times. It’s funny what a toddler finds amusing.


My brother finished the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in 3:55, taking 16 minutes off his time from last year!!


Still smiling after 26.2 miles, and he even had the energy to do some weight-lifting.

This one’s heavy!


Happy birthday, Makaila!

Happy birthday, Makaila! Ballard Playspace is amazing — I’m thinking of having Joseph and Paul’s birthday there next year. Birthdays are so much fun, especially for this age group.

party1 party2 Of course my kids are the last ones still eating.

party3 party4

Taste of Taiwan

My brother is here visiting, so this morning we went to Taiwan, aka Southcenter Mall, where an 85C Bakery opened in February and a Din Tai Fung opened in April. Delicious doughy treats, and no lines!!

4234_lo 4237_lo

Bakeries with kids

Soon after I finished this story about bakeries for ParentMap, someone asked if I was expecting. Nope, just a pastry baby. I have a whole new level of respect for the people who write about food full-time. It’s a dangerous thing.

1_HelloRobin Hello Robin’s Robin Wehl Martin with a tray of Mackles’mores.

2_Salvadorean Pastries from Salvadorean Bakery.

4_BesaluEating a strawberry Danish at Café Besalu.