I’m a summer baby, so I was talking up the merits of having a school-year birthday to Joseph. Today my smart and happy boy turns six, and it’s first birthday at school. I miss him. Can’t wait for him to get home so we can dig into that chocolate cake.


We did hit the balloon store over the weekend so Joseph and Paul could each pick out a birthday balloon. Amazing how much fun $2 can buy. Our street is looking extra pretty for spring, and here are way too many pictures of them goofing around on the sidewalk.

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Is there such a thing as too many pictures of brothers in a field of tulips? Nah, I didn’t think so either. These pictures make me so happy because you can see how much Joseph and Paul love each other. It was our first trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, those flowers did not disappoint.

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Spring break at Seabrook

Going for an overnight (or two or three) with a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old means bringing the baby tub, the potty, the potty seat and the potty step. I nearly brought the extendable shower head too. You really do not want to go camping with me.

We spent a few quiet days at the Washington coast for Joseph’s spring break. Give two little boys each a stick on a stretch of beach, and they will be perfectly happy to poke and flick wet sand all morning.

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Happy Easter!

We held a little egg hunt in our backyard and the boys loved it. We kept tossing the eggs back onto the grass for Joseph to “find,” and soon Paul caught on and started throwing eggs too.

We went to the big egg hunt at the community center too. Inside the bunny was Joseph’s preschool teacher! Paul did NOT like sitting for a photo op with the bunny.

Terracotta Warriors exhibit

While Joseph was at school, Paul went to “work” with me — we attended the media preview for the “Terracotta Warriors” exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. He got to see some ancient clay figures, eat a flaky pastry (we both looove free food) and take the bus home. It’s a good thing Paul doesn’t talk yet, otherwise Joseph would be beside himself if he found out we went without him.

My review of the “Terracotta Warriors” exhibit is on ParentMap here.

warrior1 A general.

warrior2 An armored officer.

warrior3 Trying to puzzle together fragments of a warrior’s head.

warrior4An immersive experience with painted replicas.

Cherry blossoms

We went to see the cherry blossoms today — it’s the first weekend of full bloom! It seemed like everyone in Seattle and their kid went to the Quad too. Beautiful day.
Joseph and Paul loved running around in the sunshine together. This take was so hard for me to edit, because in every single frame, they looked like this. Joseph was pretending to drive Paul around like a car, and Paul laughed and laughed. Brothers!

cherry1 cherry2 cherry3 cherry4 cherry5 cherry6 cherry7

Destination libraries

Writing this story about destination libraries (in April’s ParentMap) was a lot of fun. Librarians are some of the nicest people ever, and Joseph and Paul got to visit a lot of libraries.

Of the eight that made the final cut, the Beacon Hill branch and the Miller Horticulture Library are the two that I’d go back to again and again. Beacon Hill, for the diverse and welcoming neighborhood, and Miller Library, for the beautiful gardens outside.

lib1 lib2 lib3 lib4 lib5 lib6