Bike playground and play spaces

We went to check out a new bike playground and two indoor play spaces in White Center. I wrote about these fun spots for ParentMap here.

We had three kids and three different vehicles, so everyone switched around and got to try different rides.

b1 b2 b3 b4 b5

One of the new indoor spaces, Lil’ Bug Studio.


And the other indoor space, Pinwheels.

Waipo visits

Waipo is here visiting, which has allowed me to crank out a bunch of stories, shoot our annual family picture, get a colonoscopy and start on our Halloween costumes. Crazy, I know, but gotta take advantage of the time while I have it.


Paul, happy to be at co-op with Waipo! It feels like this was Joseph, yesterday.


Tropical rain forest

When the most exciting thing at the zoo isn’t an animal, but the bamboo curtain inside the tropical rain forest building.

z1 z2

They probably could have stayed there all day. We did go see some actual animals, like the ocelot, poison dart frogs and the tamarins.


New desk

I’m freelancing enough now to justify upgrading from the heap of papers in the floor. When I went to pick up this desk, the Craigslist seller turned out to be someone I knew from The Bellingham Herald. Seattle is awesome like that.