Xuan, 3 months

Xuan weighed less than 6 pounds when she was born, but now she's a regular little bowling ball. She smiles and coos in the sweetest way. She's happy snuggled against her mama in the baby k'tan, and she even let her wiggly cousin hold her.


Joseph is a giant next to Xuan -- it's hard to remember he used to be that tiny. Looking at photos of Xuan, they felt really familiar. Here's why. Joseph, circa 2011 on the left, and Xuan on the right: Happy one month old, cousin!

Two weeks old

Happy two weeks old, Xuan Mei-Mei! We only just met her a few days ago, and her cheeks are already rounder and she's more and more alert.

That's Joseph holding Xuan's hand.

Baby on the way

World's best auntie (aka 大阿姨) is expecting a baby in April! We can't wait to meet the new cousin. Whoops! An interloper crashes this photo shoot! Joseph loves babies. He's already saying he's going to teach the baby the ABCs.

Meeting Lilian

The three hours between Portland and Seattle seem like an eternity if you've got a toddler in the back seat. It's been more than two years since I've seen my friends Khoi and Yin. I did engagement pictures for them in the pre-Joseph days, and now they've got their own little baby, Lilian, 1. So happy I finally got to meet Lilian! She is sweet and outgoing, and even ran to my arms (a stranger!) for hugs. Joseph was busy hitting up all of Lilian's noisy toys, so he didn't seem to mind his mama cuddling with another babe. I couldn't get enough of those Michelin arms and legs -- just look at her! <3

Meeting Brooke, take 2

We met up with Brooke again in the afternoon at their great-great-aunt's, who had the perfect baby-height window. Privacy, please! My silly boy has my hands tied quite literally these days, so it is extra hard to take pictures. He's learning to walk, and he insists on holding my hands to totter around.

Meeting cousin Brooke

Sweet and mellow baby Brooke flew in from Boston yesterday. She was full of smiles, even after a crazy travel day across three time zones.  In a few years, Brooke and Joseph (who's four months older) will be causing all kinds of trouble together. But for right now, Joseph wasn't sure what to make of his cousin. Joseph: Hey, another baby! Joseph: Umm, Mommy?? Joseph: Yikes, see ya later.