Manuel and Teresa’s wedding

We went to the prettiest wedding for Manuel and Teresa. Chris works with Manuel, and the rest of the family went as the "plus three." It was happy and perfect summer evening, and we are so glad to have shared that beautiful day. a The wedding and reception took place on a boat, the MV Skansonia. It was docked on the north end of Lake Union, so we had a great view of downtown and the Space Needle. b c d e f Joseph kept looking at the balcony above and the dance floor behind... anything more interesting than the people's backs in front of him. g h i j First kiss! k l m

Toby and Amy’s wedding in Tacoma

Toby and Amy met at Pacific Lutheran University, where they were anatomy study partners. (That's not a joke -- both majored in exercise science.) They tied the knot at their alma mater on a perfect August day. I was honored to photograph the wedding with Narayan Mahon, a fellow 'Cuse grad and an accomplished commercial and editorial photographer. (Look for his piece in Harper's on illegal gold mining in French Guiana.) Narayan was doing double-duty: wedding photographer and groomsman too! The wedding flowers were cream colored roses and hydrangeas. Toby is a cycling coach, and the officiant is one of his students. The ceremony took place in the amphitheater of the music center. Toby and Amy's vows were heartfelt and sweet as could be.  Amy looked absolutely radiant, and wore a megawatt smile all day. Two cute-as-a-button flower girls, one Toby's niece and one Amy's niece. Wick, one of the groomsmen, congratulates Toby. The reception took up the upstairs of C.I. Shenanigan's in Tacoma, which offered a sweeping view of the water and lots of room for dancing.

Kristin and Memo’s Shilshole Bay wedding

Kristin and Memo first met in art school, and many years and separate roads later, they were married at Shishole Bay Beach Club. Their ceremony was so sweet and heartfelt there wasn't a dry eye in the audience. I was honored to photograph the wedding. Memo and Gali, 8, walk down the aisle together. Gali wore a beautiful gown from The Frog Princess. Kristin's dress featured intricate beadwork. Kristin's dad, Patrick, walks her down the aisle. The couple's wedding rings. In lieu of a guestbook, Kristin and Memo invited guests to write their good wishes on river rocks. They brought a small, potted maple tree, which they will plant at home and surround with the rocks. During the ceremony, Kristin and Memo recognized their parents and their daughter, Gali, who received a special surprise. Gali peeped inside a flap in the wrapping paper  -- it was fairy doll from the Tinkerbell movie! A warm, sunny day. Mr. and Mrs. Diaz make their entrance at the reception. The cake-topper versions of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz. Kristin's sister, Andrea, with a gorgeous bouqet. Left, Kristin wore a ring that had belonged to Memo's mom. The reception hall offered stunning views of the sound. Kristin and Memo share a dance. There were a lots of kids for Gali to play with.  Kristin dances with her godsister's daughter, left, and her dad, right.  Kristin's family cheers on the new couple as they drive off after the reception.

Kristin and Memo’s pre-wedding BBQ

Grilling is a tradition in Memo's family, so Memo and Kristin hosted a big bbq in their backyard the day before their wedding. The men started the grill up at 11 a.m., and six hours later, served up the best chicken, sausage and tri-tip ever. Juicy? Check. Savory? Check. AMAZING?! Check. These are men who take their meat seriously. It was a great time for the bride and groom's families to meet, and for everyone to stuff themselves silly on Californian hospitality. bbq1   bbq2 The French bread was toasted on the grill, then dunked in plenty of melted butter. It was insanely delicious. bbq3 Memo's brother, David, drove a U-Haul all the way from California with the family grill and a load of firewood. bbq4 Wedding guests came in from near (the Tri-Cities) and far (Nevada). bbq5 Memo and Kristin's daughter, Gali, 8, sits with Grandpa Jack. bbq6 Memo's extended family came up from California for the wedding. Memo's dad, Javier (wearing apron), supervised the grilling. bbq7 Kristin's mom, Karleen, has had a busy summer, with two weddings between her three children. bbq8 Memo's uncle Carlos made an amazing fresh salsa. bbq9 Memo serves up pieces of tri-tip to his brother-in-law, Scott, and uncle-in-law, Mike. bbq10 Kristin's stepmom, Chris. bbq11 Karleen passes around a platter with two kinds of cake, baked by her niece Amy. bbq12 Ethan pauses to give Princess Kitty a rub. Gali says Princess Kitty has lived up to her name. bbq13

Monica and Jason’s wedding in Medina

Monica and Jason's wedding embodied the ultimate Seattle day -- a rainy one. Chris and I pulled into Medina Park early, and like many other wedding guests, we waited in the car, hoping the rain would taper off. (It didn't.) We checked Monica's tweets -- no mention of a change in location. So when 4 o'clock on Saturday drew near, we pulled out our umbrellas and parkas and gamely stepped across the wet grass for a beautiful wedding ceremony. From doing engagement photos for Monica and Jason in July, I knew this couple was super photogenic. Look at Monica's great smile as her dad walks her down the aisle. monica wedding1 lo The bridesmaids joked that their bouquets brought some sun to the day. monica wedding2 lo  Monica's mom, Maria, lovely in purple. monica wedding3 lo Monica gets a kiss from her dad, Bernardo. monica wedding4 lo Lace detail on her veil. monica wedding5 lo Monica says she came to peace with the rain by focusing on its aural quality. She closed her eyes and listened to the drops strumming on umbrella tops. monica wedding6 lo Congratulations, Monica and Jason! Have a great Tahiti honeymoon!

Scott and Elissa’s wedding

Scott and his beautiful bride, Elissa, have been together for nine years. This weekend, they tied the knot at McMenamins Edgefield, just outside Portland. Chris and I attended the wedding (Scott is our cousin) and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. elissa1_lo  Bundles of delicate flowers decorated the seats. elissa2_lo Elissa's mom watching her daughter walk down the aisle. elissa3_lo   elissa4_lo  It had been overcast all day, and miraculously, the sun came out just in time for the ceremony. The rain held off until right after Scott and Elissa finished with group pictures. Perfect. elissa5_lo The ceremony was offbeat and fun, but nothing topped the hilarity of the officiant's slip of the tongue. She accidently asked Scott to give the ring to Elizabeth (Elissa's mom). Oops! elissa6_lo Scott's sisters, Andrea and Kristin, tag-teamed on a reading for the ceremony. elissa7_lo Husband and wife! elissa8_lo   elissa9_lo Scott's sister Andrea and mom, Karleen. elissa10_lo The bridesmaids bustled up Elissa's dress after the ceremony. I loved, LOVED her dress. elissa11_lo   elissa12_lo Some young guests. elissa13_lo   elissa14_lo Congratulations, Scott and Elissa! elissa15_lo

Jing and Peter: the party!

The evening was packed with entertainment: a live band, two musically gifted friends and a comedian kept things rocking. Peter's parents on the dance floor. party1_lo It's not hard to see where Peter gets his good nature and easy smile. party2_lo  John shares a dance with my friend Chi. Earlier, he'd pulled off a terrific guitar performance of Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." party3_lo Jing changed into a beautiful chipao that her mom bought from China. She looks AMAZING. party4_lo   party5_lo The party went on until 11 p.m. -- super late, considering Peter had to be a work the following morning! party6_lo Congratulations, you two! May you have a lifetime of happiness together.

Jing and Peter’s reception

After the ceremony, the wedding guests moved indoors for a cocktail reception followed by dinner. Live orchids decorated each table in the conservatory. reception1_lo Passed hor d'oeuvres included beef wellingtons, mushroom and goat cheese strudel and chicken skewers. A seafood station offered shrimp, oysters and lobster claws. Yum! reception2_lo   reception3_lo Peter's mom at the reception. reception4_lo   reception5_lo A detail from one of the beautiful centerpiece arrangements. reception6_lo My friend Chi, whom I've also known since middle school, flew up from Florida for Jing's wedding! She's a newlywed too -- just got married in December. reception7_lo Peter's aunts and uncles during the reception. reception8_lo On the right is best man El Hadi Jazairy. reception9_lo

Jing and Peter’s ceremony

The wedding ceremony took place on the patio of the Harvard Faculty Club. A string tio set the tone as guests arrived. ceremony1_lo Jing and Peter's wedding rings, photographed on one of their altar arrangements. It was a little breezy, and I was terrified the rings would fall and ... . I made the best man (a responsible adult) stay RIGHT NEXT to me while I made this picture. ceremony2_lo Jing's dad walks her down the aisle. ceremony3_lo The lilies are from one of the altar arrangments. ceremony4_lojpg   ceremony5_lo The officiant spoke movingly of what it meant to be a couple. ceremony6_lo This little girl couldn't sit for the ceremony, so her mom carried her off to the side. Mom and daughter both have perfectly back lit curls. ceremony7_lo

Boston Public Garden

We took a short ride to Boston Public Garden for pictures. garden1_lo   garden2_lo   garden3_lo Did you ever read Make Way for Ducklings? It's one of my favorite children's books, and I got to ride the famous swan boat! garden4_lo A horse (carrying a police officer) stopped for a quick smooch. garden5_lo Jing and Peter's parents, aunts and uncles. garden6_lo   garden7_lo This Guatemalen family insisted on a group picture with the bride and groom. They were so excited and friendly Jing and Peter couldn't say no. garden8_lo Just an amazing couple. garden9_lo   garden10_lo   garden11_lo