Children’s museums

It was a two-museum kind of weekend! We visited KidsQuest in Bellevue and Imagine Children's Museum in Everett — our first time at both. KidQuest is newer, but it's a smaller space and it got crowded fast. Imagine has a bus kids can drive and that sealed the deal for Joseph. 4712_lo 4713_lo 4714_lo 4715_lo

Visiting Portland

When in Portland... a ...we tried out the famous Voodoo Doughnuts. They were way too sweet even for me, and I have the ultimate sweet tooth! Joseph and Paul couldn't believe their good luck when I handed them each a big gooey jelly-filled $3 Voodoo doll. Pro tip: Don't go to the Voodoo downtown. There's no wait at Voodoo Too, just on the other side of the bridge. b We visited a beautiful exhibit about optical illusions at OMSI. My favorite part was playing with light, of course. c d We got a snack to match Joseph's sweater at the museum's swanky cafeteria. e The boys LOVED playing with water. I didn't realize that those plastic bibs are worthless until I took it off and Joseph was soaking wet underneath. Good thing Mama always carries an emergency set of clothes. f I'm a huge Wyeth fan, so we had to go to the Portland Art Museum's show featuring work by three generations of Wyeths: Andrew Wyeth, his dad, his son, his sister and his brother-in-law. My children WILL be dragged through art museums, though they are pretty patient about it. g h We stocked up at Trader Joe's so we could have a stash of food ready to heat and eat. But wait, that's not just vacation mode, that's us every day. i Paul discovers Nutella. Procured from the hotel's free breakfast! j The kids' favorite thing about Portland? The hotel pool! k

Merry Christmas!

A white Christmas in Seattle! We didn't even open presents until after noon -- playing in the snow was way more exciting. 1 2 3 4 Warming up inside with hot cocoa. 5 6 We visited the guy in the beard the other weekend, and sitting in his lap was a bit too terrifying. 7 8

Wildlights at the zoo

My flash died a couple of years ago, and I never bothered to replace it. So now I'm an "available light" photographer. Most of the time, it's fine. Except when it's dark! Would have helped to have a strobe here. We did an entire loop through the zoo's Wildlights before we found the butterfly lights. Joseph and Paul loved them. 4658_lo 4659_lo 4670_lo

Christmas tree

Our tree is decorated with numbers, what else? 4675_lo 4676_lo It annoys me that this giant plastic tree hogs the basement for 11 months (and worse, our living room for one month), but the boys have so much fun putting on the ornaments and rearranging them. Plus there's the peer pressure. Every house on our street is decked out with a twinkly tree in the window.